If anybody tells you their work ethic is the best you’ve ever seen; then you obviously have never met Mr. Jet Black! Hailing from the Bay Area Mr. Jet Black knows the rap scene too well. Having been a seasoned veteran in this game of music, he has definitely seen it all from every aspect one can imagine. The passion he has for his musical craft, is shown through every song he makes or video he shoots; he does not hold back any punches and it is well displayed in his art. His voice is a unique one; raspy, full-bodied, well balanced, powerful, and stern. In fact, it’s so unique that when he starts rappin’ you automatically and undoubtedly know, that it’s him. Earlier this year, he had a severe injury to his leg that could have easily sidelined your average human being, but when it comes to Mr. Jet Black, average is far-fetched from his vocabulary. Having ties down in Southern California, Mr. Jet Black linked up with San Diego legend Mitchy Slick to collaborate on his newest single, “Keep Em Waiting” creating a hyphy meets mobb music track uniquely blending them together perfectly! I myself, also took advantage of his talents and collaborated on a track with him, AB of YH and Just L titled, “#BornDay” which will be released in Spring 2017 and a video might be in the works as well, so stay tuned. It’s fair to say, that Mr. Jet Black is on his way next up out of the Bay Area and he’s dropping his new EP album titled, “Ambidextrous” later this month. Keep your head out on a swivel for Mr. Jet Black along with his future shows/projects, make sure you read his biography, follow him on social media, listen to our LIFTED Thursdays! Radio Show interview, and watch his music videos below.

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Mr. Jet Black Biography

Jevon Ward now known as Mr. Jet Black has been on the Bay Area rap scene with some of the biggest names on the sidelines for a very long time. He first started as Mr. Ice Cold (he gave himself that name back in 1991) when he went to Hayward High School and was homies with Spice-1. Spice was a senior and Ice was a freshman; Ice used to help Spice brainstorm ideas and titles for the songs in Spice-1’s early days when Spice was first discovered by Too Short. Ice or Jevon was younger but didn’t really know how to put it all together. Back then he was a huge Ice Cube fan and really into the West Coast and Bay Area rap scene.

Jevon loved to write in high school and really enjoyed English; he used to read Right On Magazine and Word Up as well as every other hip-hop publication out at that time, so it made sense that he naturally gravitated into the hip-hop industry. The title of Ice Cold’s firts rap was called “Hundred Percent Rhymes” – meaning across the board with topics; “I was still trying to make it all make sense, even to myself”. He was also high school friends with Xavier, who is now Vitani the Great in 1991. Back then when he was 50 Clip and in 1996 he met Tyme who now goes by TykTok. These two characters come back into play later on in the story.

In 1991 he became part of Righteous Records and was then called J.E.T. and his label mate was AskariX and the name of his first EP was called “Life After Darkness”. In 1992-1993 J.E.T. was now a part of Snake Pit Records out of Oakland, CA founded by Anthony Wiggins J.E.T. released a song with AllfrumThaI an Inglewood artist on Mack 10’s label at the time, but it was never released. J.E.T. has taken a hiatus within his time in the music industry. When asked what inspires him to make music he says, “I make music for myself and if others enjoy it, then wonderful!”

In 1998-99 J.E.T. started to collaborate with more Bay Area artists like Killa Tay, Richie Rich, C-Bo, Yukmouth, Casual from the Hieroglyphics, Keyshia Cole, and Nuttso from Tha Outlawz who was Nutty the Crow; they are all local artists that he grew up with. Then in 1999-2002 he hooked up with Scarface Records out of San Francisco, founded by rap artist Paris. J.E.T. had a distinguished opportunity to audition for Lyor Cohen, who was then the President of Def Jam Records, in the end it was J.E.T. vs. DMX and Lyor said he loved J.E.T.’s music but he decided to go with DMX because he said DMX had a gimmick for sale “the whole dog thing”. After that he released two singles on that label and parted ways.

The next label he was affiliated with was Strickly Platnum Records of Antioch, CA owned by Danny Drago that lasted for a short stint and then he rolled with Click Clack Gang & Git Paid Records from San Francisco around 2005 this is actually when J.E.T. got his new name Mr. Jet Black from Messy Marv it’s a joke or play on his light skin, so now he was officially Mr. Jet Black. During this time with the Click Clack Gang & Git Paid Record label he was able to collaborate with Kurupt of the DPG of LBC, (Dogg Pound Gangstas of Long Beach).

During this time Mr. Jet Black did some touring being part of the lineup for an Underground College Tour in places like Seattle, Portland, Minnesota, Minneapolis, and Lafayette, LA. He has also done car shows locally and in Los Angeles, as well also performed in local clubs and bars in the Bay Area from San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland. Mr. Jet Black has been featured in older Bay Area publications like 4080, Rap Pages and had a song on JT Tha Bigga Figga Presents Bay Area Bosses Compilation! Now, fast forward to 2011 Mr. Jet Black now has his own label called Hard Earned Records since around late 2005-06 and he has collaborated with the likes of other Bay Area staples like Mac Mall, PSD, Messy Marv, Guce, Killa Keise and more.


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