LIFTED Thursdays! Radio Show 5 Year Anniversary Celebration Mixer & Showcase

The energy that was in the building during the LIFTED Thursdays! Radio Show 5 Year Anniversary Celebration Mixer & Showcase, was beyond what I initially imagined! A lot of love and support was displayed towards my radio show and my heart is filled with nothing but love and respect for the people whom were in the building! Every single performer MURDERED the stage and this by far, was one of the best showcases in the entire Bay Area for 2016 that the people and myself have seen! The ultimate goal of the LIFTED Thursdays! Radio Show is to expose those who are truly talented in music and hold a great work ethic while doing so! Many people are talented, but lack the internal drive to further themselves in this music game to get better in every aspect of the field! A lot of thought, time, energy, money, etc has been spent up to this point and its been well worth it; I wouldn’t take anything back nor would I dwell on the negative that has tried to sideswipe me from my dreams and goals! With that said, I would like to thank Talkmoney TM, Mr. Jet Black, Armani Ramaun, Alma Rosae, AB of YH, DJ TNT, Kanoa from Neck of the Woods, Shae aka Coco Diamond, Just L, Kurtanz, Mark Sandstrom, Alvin Dizon, Steve and Maria from Gunubu Products, Mookie and Dave from The Budtender’s Bible, Elijah the MC, and Yazzy for putting all of this together and keeping things in order! To many more events to come and to this beautiful world of Music…THANK YOU!!!