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SXSW Peckerheads Performance

I had been patiently waiting for two years to make it to Austin, TX for SXSW 2019 and finally made it! The time, energy, research, money, and risks it took to get there, was without a doubt worth every minute. I’ve always had my mind set on SXSW, when I started my career in the music industry. As the biggest festival and conference in North America, I had envisioned myself not only being in attendance, but on a stage performing in front of a crowd of people. So here we go, Yazzy and I, on this journey. In my opinion, this is the modern-day Woodstock Festival, but scattered all over Austin with artists from across the globe performing at many venues. With Austin now being the music venue capital of the world, I was highly motivated to get in any way, shape or form; I did just that.

I had to conduct research on my end from how to apply to the festival as an artist, when the application date opened, to what’s the price of the application fee(s), where to stay in Austin, how much flight tickets cost, etc. Luckily, the application process opened back in August and I was able to apply the first day it opened and once that was out of the way, I was able to look for flights and a place to stay. SXSW has recommended places on their website, but I highly recommend anybody looking for a place to stay to just do your own research and book it a year in advance if you can, because trust me, it’s that busy and you have to remember, that every artist from across the globe is looking to come to Austin as well.

I was able to get booked for two events for Friday, March 15 one hosted by POW-TV called, “Sxumbag Season” at Peckerheads on Sixth and another hosted by Makin' It Magazine called “Meet the DJs” at LUX.

Here we go, taking a 6am flight on Thursday, March 14. Once we landed in Austin we get to our room, lay our bags down and hit 6th Street. I like to take the opportunity to scope out the place where I will be performing the day before, so I know what to expect. We arrive to Peckerheads after scoping out a few other places before and it’s a cool venue, the aroma of purple and liquor fills the air in the place. Its dark inside and the red/blue fluorescent lights twirl around the venue, as if they were dancing in mid-air. You can feel the vibrations from the bass pounding on the wooden floor with every step you take. I’m alive almost in a trance, but I know I’m amongst my peers in the world of Hip-Hop and I feel at home.

It’s now Friday, March 15 and it’s SHOWTIME!!! I get ready, then Yazzy and I head out to the first event, which is “Meet the DJs” hosted by Makin’ It Magazine from Atlanta, GA 12pm-7pm at LUX. We walk into LUX and there are a lot of people scattered throughout the venue. Kelby the founder of Makin’ It Magazine takes the mic and begins to hype up the crowd and encourages them to network, while asking the DJs to put an arm up in the air so artists know who to link up with. He then asks DJs to come to the front and introduce themselves. I go up there, introduce myself and let the people know what I do and where I’m from. I get off stage, network work with people for about 2.5 hours and leave to the next venue Peckerheads. The event was well attended and organized, I was bummed I had to leave but I was instructed by my show promoter to arrive at Peckerheads at 4pm, so off we go.

I get to Peckerheads and there’s a showcase wrapping up by another host/promoter. The nerves and excitement run through my body like water rushing through a creek. I approach the bar to get a beer and a shot. I get my adult beverages and I go through my set inside my head making sure I know my lyrics. I watch all the performers before me and notice that everyone sounds the same. They all have the same BPM (beats per minute) range, so I know that my sound will stand out. I love Trap music and appreciate it, but when you’ve been in a building for 4.5 hours waiting for your name to be called and hear the same beats/lyrics over and over, your body and mind instinctively craves a different sound and feel. After much anticipation and wait my name is FINALLY called and I hit the stage.

Being on stage performing #PutDisOn is the greatest feeling in the world especially when you go into it prepared. I just released my mixtape #TheeFriscoanMixtape exactly one week to the day of this performance, so I was excited to perform new material in front of an audience in another state. Being at SXSW is such an inspiration whether you’re performing at an official or unofficial event, you’ll always get a great venue full of people of different backgrounds from around the globe. Even though this was a quick one song performance I did not hold back and the feedback from the crowd was dope! I hope you enjoy this video and embark on this journey with me.


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